ColdFusion Hosting


ColdFusion is our love! We really like ColdFusion and think it's the best language to create websites and web applications. We program and host ColdFusion applications since more than 15 years and have a really high level of knowledge on this technology.

As we are specialized on ColdFusion and not just run it on one of our hosting servers, we know how to handle it well and where the small bugs are. As we are all programmers too, we can identify code that is bad or could be optimized and give you appropriate feedback.

Since 2009 we are one of a small number of ColdFusion hosting partners selected by Adobe, which confirms our expertise in this technology.

Your benefit

Current Versions
Our servers contain the latest updates and hotfixes to provide you a safe and flawless hosting. Furthermore, we run all current versions so you don't have to adjust your code when moving to us.

All ColdFusion tags are available
All ColdFusion tags can be used (e.g. cfContent, cfFile, cfFTP etc.) and are not blocked as with many other providers.

Manage databases
In our Admincenter, you can create your own databases and use them immediately afterwards.

Custom Tags in ColdFusion directory
For ColdFusion Versions where you can?t specify an application custom tags directory, you are able to upload and manage custom tags in our Admincenter. In these tags, you can then use cfmodule or cf_ to access them.

CFX Tags
If you have a CFX tag from a trustworthy source, we will install this tag on the required servers. Common tags that we have installed are for image manipulation, image generation and pop or imap access.